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First Party!
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EMP- First Party! Please wait for the picture to download.

Thursday, June 10, 2004
12:45 till 1:45


1. Welcoming Speech (Mrs. Nada AbiSamra)

2. Brief Overview (Diana A. & Roy H.)

3. Rough Statistics (Lana S. & Salam B.)

4. Acknowledgements (Daria S.)

5. Sharing Experiences (Roy H.)
     a. English Mentors
         i. Nada K.
         ii. Sophia R.
         iii. Zahra H.
     b. English Mentees
         i. Kalyan S.
         ii. Karim M.
         iii. Sabine S.
         iv. Makram D., Aceil H., Fadia S.

6. Certificates & Awards: (Mrs. AbiSamra)

  Mentors’ Awards:
  a. Certificate of Participation (Seniors)
     b. Dedicated mentor awards
     c. Most dedicated mentor awards
     d. Logo design award
  Mentees’ Awards:
  a. Most motivated mentee award
     b. Most improved mentee awards

English Mentors

Grade 12: Honorary Mentors
Yasmin A., Hani Ch., Lara K.

Grade 11: Lena H., Sahar O.

Grade 10: Roy H., Zahra H., Sophia R.

Grade 9: Diana A., Marcel AbiSamra
Nadim A., Salam B., Nada K., Marwa S., Daria S, 
Lana S

English Mentees

Gr. 11: Sumit G.

Gr. 9: Makram D., Tarek S., Aceil H., Fadia S., Boel J., Gaby T.

Gr. 8: Elie E., Dena S., Shyam G., Sharif E., Raja S., George M., Sarine A., Ramzi K.

Gr. 7: Hadi R., Wissam H., Jude K., Sabine S., Ryan G., Cynthia A., Joud S., Ghiwa S.

Gr. 6: Reem C., Karim M., Kalyan S., Lynn C., Tobias R., Alexander K.

Thank you all for your support!
Detailed Program
1. Welcoming Speech (Mrs. Nada AbiSamra)

• You are all the most welcome to the English Mentorship Program’s FIRST end of year party.
• It all began last June; it was a dream. And then this dream started coming true. After I had posted a “Job Opening” form everywhere at school, 9 students in grades 9 to 12 responded. They had to fill out an application form, fulfill the job requirements (concerning grades & personal qualities), and submit the following:

a. a portfolio that included a collection of what they are good at 
b. a letter of recommendation from their English teachers 
c. and a cover letter in which they expressed their interest in the position and stated why they would be good English mentors.
• At the beginning of this year, all the current 9th graders joined the program and we ended up having 16 mentors. However, since the seniors, as you must know, were overworked, they could not give us much of their time. Therefore, we considered them as our honorary mentors because we were very happy to benefit from their “expertise.”
• All the mentors had to attend two mandatory workshops in which we discussed the qualities of the good mentor, decided on our mission, goals, principles, rules & consequences, and the forms that helped us keep the program well organized. We also touched base on the psychology behind teaching and mentoring, based on Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." You can find all these on our web site.
• I have been really fortunate to have had the chance to work with the English mentors. They are talented, dedicated, committed, motivated.... I can never run out of positive adjectives to describe them. I honestly congratulate the school and all the teachers on having “produced” (if I may say) students like these. We should be proud of them.
• As for the mentees, we did not accept them automatically. They, too, had to fill out, on their own, an application form in which they stated what they needed to improve in and how hard they intended to work. It is true that some did not take the program seriously, and did not make any effort, but we couldn’t do anything about that. They had seemed to be motivated to learn and improve, but when the time came for them to actually work, they backed out.
• For next year, we shall be more careful about accepting mentees. We shall also try our best to improve the follow-up with the mentees’ teachers. Last but not least, we shall focus more on improving essay writing and organization skills, which our students in general need the most. 
• If you have any recommendations whatsoever, we would be extremely happy if you shared them with us.
• I would like, now, to leave the floor for Diana and Roy who will give you a brief overview of the program
• Thank you all for coming. We are extremely happy to celebrate the end of our first year with you.
Mrs. AbiSamra
2. Brief Overview (Diana A. & Roy H.)
Good afternoon. My name is Roy H.... and My name is Diana A. (Diana). We are both English mentors and would just like to say a few words about the different aspects of the English Mentorship Program.

A. Mission Statement (Roy)
We believe that every student has the right to succeed. We believe that schools should cater to strong as well as weak students.
Our mission is to provide Academic, Social, and Emotional support for the regular and ESL/international students who are struggling in English and the English-based disciplines.
Our aim is to help our mentees become independent learners and encourage each one to succeed and reach his or her fullest potential academically, socially, and emotionally.

B. Tutoring vs. mentoring (Diana)

C. Benefits of the program (Diana)

     For Mentors:

  • Getting the opportunity to teach and gain valuable leadership experiences
  • Getting the opportunity to enhance personal, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Getting Community Service hours, excellent letters of recommendation, and certificates.
  •      For Mentees:
  • Gaining information that may not be otherwise available, in order to improve possibility of success
  • Fostering self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and ability to work independently.
  • Reaching fullest potential and achieving personal best.
  • D. Power point presentation (Story...)
    Dr. D.'s Speech: 
    This program is doing something that you can’t begin to appreciate 
    unless you are in it, and the people in this room are part of it.
    It is a great pleasure for me to pass this “Thank You!” award on to
    Mr. Cummins because this is what education is all about; it’s about
    children, students, and adults coming together and working to support 
    each other in unusual circumstances that result in very good education.
    Dr. D.
    The students' speeches below were written by the students themselves without any adult interference.
    Thank You!
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