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Rules For Mentees

Mentee's Name:
Mentor's Name:

Rules that I will abide by:
1- I will be serious at all times and do my best in order not to miss any
sessions with my mentor; in case I really have to, I will tell both Mrs.
AbiSamra (program coordinator) and my mentor in advance.
2- I will come on time to every mentoring session.
3- Once I become a mentee, I will stay in the program for at least SIX
weeks, even if my grades improve immediately.
4- I will share my progress in the English-based courses with the program
coordinator (Mrs. AbiSamra) on a regular basis.
5- I do understand that my mentor will NOT do the work for me; s/he is here
to guide and help me.
6- I need the approval of my English teacher, the program coordinator, and
one of my parents before I can exit the program.
7- ________________________________________________________

Mentee's Signature

Mentee's Parent's Name & Signature

PS: The mentee who makes a lot of progress and the mentee who is rarely
absent get a special reward at the end of the year.

Useful Link:
What makes a good mentee?

Rules for Mentors

1. Once I become a mentor, I shall stay in the program at least till the end of the year, unless a major event/incident takes place.
2. I shall attend ALL workshops given by the program coordinator. If, for any major reason, I miss any of them, I am bound to get myself acquainted with every single item that was covered during the workshop.
3. I shall attend general meetings. I shall not miss any meeting unless it is really urgent, and, then, I will do my best to inform the coordinator in advance. I am aware of the fact that, if I miss three meetings**, I will have to leave the program.
4. I shall be serious at all times and do my best in order not to miss any sessions with my mentee. In case I really have to, I will tell both Mrs. AbiSamra (program coordinator) and my mentee in advance, and try to get a substitute so that my mentee doesn’t miss anything. If no mentor is available to cover my session, I shall make up for the missed session the following time.  In case I miss a session because of a holiday, I shall also make up for it the following time I meet with my mentee.
5. I shall come on time to every mentoring session.
6. At all times, I shall maintain a positive attitude, respect all the team members, respect my mentee and do my very best to help her/him.
7. I shall NOT do the work instead of my mentee; I am here to guide and help her/him.
8. I shall maintain confidentiality with regards to all that is related to my mentee. I will only discuss issues about her/him with the program coordinator or the mentee’s teachers. I shall follow up regularly on my mentee’s progress in her/his regular classes by either meeting with or emailing her/his teachers.
9. If I am a committee chair, I shall make sure this committee does a good job; if I am a committee member, I shall do the work assigned to me the best way I can.
10. I pledge to do my best to maintain my high scholastic standing throughout the year. In case I have any major problems, I shall inform the program coordinator of that.

Mentor's Name, Signature, & Date

English Mentee's Pledge

I pledge to maintain my high moral standing,
To hold as honest and dedicated an obedient mentee,
To venture open-mindedly and politely in dealing with my mentor,
To give myself completely to the assistance given to me,
To know how to accept Mentor corrections without taking it personally,
To encourage my thoughts and opinions,
To ____________________________,
To ____________________________,
To ____________________________,
And to do my personal best at all times.
In doing so, I shall prove myself courteous in being an English Mentee.

Name & Signature of Mentee

What is the role of an English Mentor?

1. serve as a role model for academic success and integrity
2. provide personal support
3. plan syllabus
4. schedule guest speakers
5. evaluate mentees' work
6. commit to out-of-class time with mentees
7. create an interactive learning centered environment
8. help mentees to become actively involved in school life.
9. be advocate for the needs, interests, and rights of mentees.
10. give workshops (to mentees on study skills, web page design, building up self-esteem…)
11. develop an open, friendly communication line with mentees- make them feel that you care for them
12. be mentees’ advisor- help build up their self-esteem if necessary.
13. foster independence.
14. discuss with mentees issues, concerns, or difficulties that they might be experiencing. (These discussions will be conducted in a flexible, non-judgmental manner and mentors will make appropriate referrals to school resources).
15. provide social support (listening support, emotional support, emotional challenge and shared social reality).
16. use positive reinforcement that builds confidence.
17. meet regularly with mentee's English teacher to make sure things are on the right track.
18. Above all, maintain Ethical Integrity.

New Students:

•        Acquaint new students with resources and services available at school.
•        Assist new students in understanding the structure and systems of the school.
•        Invite new students to attend cultural, developmental and educational events.
•        Challenge new students to be more academically competitive and to become involved in school activities.

Job Termination

The mentor is asked to leave the program in case he or she does ONE or more of the following:
•        Proves a lack of ethical integrity
•        Shows a lack of seriousness
•        Fails to attend meetings
•        Shows a lack of interest
•        Shows a lack of cooperation

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