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Workshops By Mentors

ALL 4 1 &1 4 ALL

Since Team Work is essential in the English Mentorship Program, we are all supposed to help each other. Therefore, each mentor will give a workshop on what s/he teaches well. This workshop can be about:
  1. Study skills & Test taking strategies (Sahar)
  2. Self-esteem (Lena)
  3. Emotional Intelligence (Nour M.)
  4. Creative/Organized Writing (Nour J.)
  5. Reading & Literature (Yasmin)
  6. Grammar/spelling (Daria & Lana)
  7. Speaking-Oral Presentation (Marwa)
  8. Research (Hani)
  9. SAT tips (Lara)
  10. Life in Lebanon & at ACS (Lena)
  11. Tips for parents (Nada)
  12. Memorization Techniques (Roy)
If any mentor would like to give more than one workshop, s/he is welcome to do so.

If two mentors would like to work together, they are also welcome to do so.



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