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Workshops for Mentors

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English Mentorship Program- Workshop # 2 ©
December 17, 2003
Present: Lara, Yasmin, Hani, Sahar, Lena, Roy, Sophia, Diana, Marcel, Salam, Nour, Nada, Marwa, Daria, & Lana
Absent: Zahra (excused), Mona, & Nadim


General Issues: Future Plans + Survey + Regular Meetings + Committee Chairs 
  • Program's Mission Statement 
  • Program's Goals & Objectives 
  • Mentors’ Essential Agreements & Rules & Consequences 
  • Team Pledge 
  • Mentor's Pledge + Mentee’s Pledge (Lara's Committee) + Requirements 
  • Paragraph about the program 
  • Tentative Syllabus- Check web site/links
  • Job Termination: The mentor is asked to leave the program in case he or she does ONE or more of the following:
    · Proves a lack of ethical integrity
    · Shows a lack of seriousness
    · Fails to attend meetings
    · Shows a lack of interest
    · Shows a lack of cooperation
    Future meetings?
    Mentees Progress Evaluation Form (Lara's Committee?)
    Mentorship Evaluation Form + Mentees’ Rewards / Certificates

    English Mentorship Program- Workshop # 1 ©
    October 22, 2003

    Present: Lara, Yasmin, Hani, Sahar, Lena, Daria, Nada, Nour J., Lana, & Marwa.
    Absent: Roy, Khaled, Nour M., Sophia!

    ALL 4 1 & 1 4 ALL 

    Solving Pending Issues: 

  • Personal information on the web page 
  • Documents (letter of recommendation, portfolio, cover letter) 
  • Committee chairs: work done? 
  • Committee joined?
    • Coordinator assistance Committee (helps with workshops, forms, follow-up, recruiting mentors/mentees…) [? Lara Kays- Marwa & Nour J.]
    • Web page design/Photography committee [? Roy Hage- Daria, Lena, & Hani]
    • Decoration committee [? SaharOsman- Lena & Sophia]
    • Event planning committee [? HaniChatila- Nada, Yasmin, & Nour J.]
    • Publicity committee [? Nada & Lana- Daria- Yasmin].
  • Posters (word + cardboard) 
  • Mentees? 
  • Sheets to fill out (Needs analysis, Log, Mentor fill-out sheet, Mentee fill-out sheet, Progress Reports) 
  • Schools to help? (Lebanon HS, BIS, Refugees?) => Wednesdays/twice a mth 
  • Workshops to be presented
  • 1.Study skills & Test taking skills (Sahar)
    2.Self-esteem (Lena) 
    3.Emotional Intelligence (Nour M.) 
    4.Creative & Organized Writing (Nour J.) 
    5.Reading & literature (Yasmin) 
    6.Grammar & spelling (Daria & Lana) 
    7.Speaking-Oral Presentation (Marwa) 
    8.Research (Hani) 
    9.SAT tips (Lara) 
    10.Life in Lebanon & at ACS (Lena) 
    11.Tips for parents (Nada) 
    12.Memorization Techniques (Roy- Next Wednesday- 15 min) 
    13.Web Page Design (Roy & Daria?) 
    The Seven Principles of the English Mentor
    One:      The mentor should strive to attend to the mentee's needs.
    Two:      The mentor should be a good role model for the mentee.
    Three:   The mentor should guide the mentee, not do his work.
    Four:     The mentor should provide a stable environment where there are sincerity, trust, openness, respect, and honesty so that the mentee can learn.
    Five:     The mentor should objectively assist, encourage, and support the mentee throughout the educational process in order to foster the mentee's growth and independence.
    Six:       The mentor should be patient and consistent; s/he should also have a positive attitude and high expectations for the mentee.
    Seven:  The mentor should possess excellent listening skills and provide insightful feedback.
    Roles & Responsibilities of the English Mentor
    a)serve as a role model for academic success and integrity
    b)provide personal support 
    c)plan syllabus 
    d)evaluate mentee's work 
    e)commit to out-of-class time with mentee 
    f)create an interactive learning centered environment 
    g)help mentee to become actively involved in school life. 
    h)be advocate for the needs, interests, and rights of mentee. 
    i)give one or more workshops (on study skills, web page design, building up self-esteem…) 
    j)develop an open, friendly communication line with mentee- make her/him feel that you CARE 
    k)be mentee's advisor- help build up her/his self-esteem if necessary. 
    l)foster independence. 
    m)discuss with mentee issues, concerns, or difficulties that she/he might be experiencing. (These discussions will be conducted in a flexible, non-judgmental manner and mentors will make appropriate referrals to school resources). 
    n)provide social support (listening support, emotional support, emotional challenge and shared social reality). 
    o)use positive reinforcement that builds confidence. 
    p)meet regularly with mentee's English teacher to make sure things are on the right track. 
    q)above all, maintain Ethical Integrity.
    New Students:
    ·Acquaint new students with resources and services available at school. 
    ·Assist new students in understanding the structure and systems of the school. 
    ·Invite new students to attend cultural, developmental and educational events. 
    ·Challenge new students to be more academically competitive and to become involved in school activities.
    First time schedule:
    1. Filling out Needs analysis sheet
    2. Setting goals with mentee
    3. Filling out Mentee’s Pledge
    4. Socializing, getting to know each other, icebreakers
    5. Starting to teach & planning for following time
    Regular Schedule: 
    1. talking about likes/dislikes/ weaknesses/ grades received/ teachers/classmates
    2. focusing on the skill(s) to improve
    3. recap + planning for following time
    4. filling out forms (mentor’s/mentee’s forms + mentor’s log)
    5. putting file back in place
    How to build on Mentee’s Personality Strengths:
    Apply the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" (by Stephen Covey)
    1.Be Proactive. Take the initiative. 
    2.Begin with the End in Mind. Shape a vision of your mentee's future and have a clear purpose. 
    3.Put First Things First. Once you've decided what your priorities are, you need to follow through. 
    4.Think "Win-Win." Work toward mutual benefit. Foster support, mutual respect, and interdependence. 
    5.Seek First to Understand...Then to Be Understood. Listen to others with understanding as the intent. 
    6.Synergize. Work in a way that the whole becomes greater than the parts. 
    7.Sharpen the Saw. Constantly look for new opportunities for improvement. 
    => Generate and sustain Trust & Respect.
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