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General Links
Tests Online
Tests Online

Reading Links
Writing Links
Writing Links
Literature Links
Literature Links
Grammar Links
Grammar Links


Spelling Links

Listening Links


General Links

 Boggle's World ESL Worksheets and Lesson Plans

English 4 All

Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, ... Links

          Nada AbiSamra's Teacher & Student Links

          Teach-nology- The web portal for educators

          Brain Friendly Publications

What type of learner am I?

          Activities to Build Listening Skills

Longman Teens Community Web Site

Interesting Articles

“How Our Schools Can Teach RESPECT & RESPONSIBILITY.”

 Educational Materials (lots of graphics)

Archived Quotes 4 Teachers

Posters 4 Teachers

Internet Magic! Free Stuff for Educators!

Musical English Lessons- A RANGE OF FREE EXERCISES

Using Songs in the Classroom

English as a Second Language learning and teaching: a free web site where 
you can learn English or find help to teach English.

English Language Teaching Web

A Handbook For Reflective Teaching:
Designed for the New and Student Teacher

The Mentoring Group- Worldwide Mentoring Services

Language Arts Resources

Tests Online

Released Reading & Writing Tests- A big number of tests

TEA TAAS Practice Tests

TEA TAAS Practice Tests 2

Practice Tests

Online Achievement Tests

Vocabulary & Grammar Quizzes

Practice tests

Practice tests

Practice tests

English as a second language grammar, vocabulary, and reading classes
(Online + Free!)

Practice State Tests -- Reading and Writing
Online Testing Center- All states

Online Achievement Tests 2

Classical Intelligence Test - 2nd Revision:

Reading Links

Teaching Reading From An Interactive Perspective
(What every teacher needs to know)

Reading Tests

Reading Links...

Reading Comprehension- Guide picks

Reading Activities- excellent

Reading Exercises- High Intermediate

The Library of Congress

Hard Rock Café - Reading Comprehension (Medium)

Steven Spielberg - Reading Comprehension (Easy)

For Parents-- Is Your Child Spoiled Rotten?
Experts tell parents how to decode the spoiled child.
By  Dulce Zamora

Civics in Action-
Interactive Lessons Using Current Events and Issues to Help Students Learn

Story Place- The children's digital library

The Little Prince

Improving your Reading:

Reading comprehension: (excellent)  (excellent!)

      Skimming & Scanning

      Speed Reading Test Online:

      Reading Matrix:

Writing Links

Teaching Writing- Approaches & Activities (A very comprehensive web page)

        Nada Abisamra's Organized Links- Writing

        Writing an Introduction for an Essay

        Writing a Conclusion for an Essay

        Interactive exercises

        Resumes 4 Teachers

Free Essays and Research Papers

Guide to writing a basic essay

How to write an essay

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

Questions to ask grade 7- 8- and 9 students about writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

Punctuation made simple

The Write Site (An interactive language arts and journalism project for
middle schools developed by ThinkTVNetwork, Dayton, Ohio.)

Essay Writing- Outline Format: (online)

Literature Links

Teaching Literature

"The Lady or the Tiger?"

Grammar Links

Nada AbiSamra's Organized Links- Grammar

 The onestop lesson share Competition: Archive
 Lessons to share for busy teachers.
 Grammar & Vocabulary

 Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English students' resource page
 Three new interactive activities every month!

 Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling (Excellent!)
 Brought to you by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

 Grammar, Punctuation, Essay Writing
 Cozy English Courses

 Spelling it Right - Learn to Spell Confidently

 Grammar links

 Tense Consistency Exercises

 Spelling Worksheet Lessons

 Grammar Check

 Sentence Transformation


 Adjective or Adverb?

 Virtual Language Centre- Grammar Exercises
 Articles, Prepositions, Pronouns, Verbs

 English Exercises- Learning English Online

 Guide to Grammar & Writing

 Apostrophes: Interactive Exercise 1

 Apostrophes: Interactive Exercise 2

 Apostrophe- Rules


Musical English Lessons International: Excellent! (Online) (online) (online) excellent- online

Vocabulary Links

Vocabulary University

   Vocabulary: Words and Phrases

   Free Vocabulary Tests

   600 words, divided by subject, that David Blunkett believes children should
   be able to spell by year 7.,5500,364235,00.html


Spelling Links

   Online lessons: Spelling

Listening Links



Sample Syllabus- EFL students- Grade 10

               Sample Syllabus- EFL students- Grade 11

               ESL syllabus- Under construction...

               Unit & Lesson Plans


               Focus on Grammar- High Intermediate

               Syllabus- Grammar

               Focus on Grammar

               Azar- Grammar


               Longman Companion Web Sites

               Troubleshooting: pre-intermediate quiz 1

               ESL Blues- comprehensive grammar- EXCELLENT!!


      Higher Order Thinking Skills.

             Six Thinking Hats:

      Resources for improving time management, listening, note taking, reading comprehension, memory, and test taking skills:

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